45 Blood Donation Quotes(Status images)

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Being the reason for someone’s smile can be beautiful, but being the reason for a person’s healthy life can trigger even more happiness. Blood donation is one such way in which you can be someone’s of blood can save many lives and in turn, can pave the way for a healthy future. Blood donation ensures benefit for both the donor and the recipient. On the donor’s side, it prevents the risk of hemochromatosis by reducing iron overload, reduces the risk for cancer, keeps various organs like liver, heart, kidneys, etc. healthy by limiting the iron concentration of the blood to youthful levels, and also helps in reducing the excess weight of the donor. Apart from this, regular blood donation helps in regulating blood pressure and blood cholesterol, which are two significant factors that lead to several ailments. On the recipient’s side, the benefits of blood donation are ponderous, as it becomes their lifeline. Another essential advantage of blood donation is free mini-physical as well as blood checkup. Before donating blood, the physical health of the donor is inspected. If found any ailment, then the donor gets to know about it beforehand. Apart from that, before transfusing the blood into a patient, a sample of the donor’s blood is analyzed. In such analysis several the blood is subjected to several conditions to examine for any potential threats like AIDS, cancer, or any other genetic or acquired diseases, etc. In this way, the donor can get a detailed insight into their internal metabolism and then can modify their lifestyle accordingly.
You can regenerate the donated blood and at the same time can rejuvenate someone’s ail life. Every drop of your blood is precious and can replenish a dying soul. Be a real superman by saving someone’s life.

Be a donor-be a hero.


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