99 Alexander The Great Quotes (Status Images)

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The two words that pop into our mind as soon as we hear the name Alexander is – The Great. Indeed he was great, and his teachings are theories about life great as well. He was the king of Macedonia from 336 BC to 323 BC and was also known by the name Alexander III of Macedonia. He came to the throne at the age of 20 and succeeded his father King Philip II. From his childhood, he received his education from the legendary philosopher Aristotle, who inculcated a never-ending thirst for knowledge in the fields of science, philosophy, medicine, and literature. Within ten years, at the age of thirty, he was successful in building one of the largest known empires, stretching from Greece to northwest India. Through his knowledge and skills, he became one of the greatest military comrades the world has ever seen and remained undefeated during his ruling period. Apart from fighting skills, he had a stronghold on the practical side of life. According to him, the victories and possessions gained through sword (i.e., using force) can never be long-lasting, while the ones gained through love and kindness can be durable and long-lasting. He mentioned that without knowledge, one could not focus on skill. Without skill, strength cannot be brought to bear, and without strength, knowledge may not be applied. He told us that once we start developing the right kind of attitude, we’ll be able to set ourselves free from the self-imposed limitations. He urged everyone to try with all their might, and they are bound to succeed. He was doubtlessly one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen.

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