48 Aesthetic Quotes(Status image)

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We quite often use this term aesthetic for appreciating something beautiful. But in reality, it is much more than a simple word-it is an emotion that represents tonnes of different other feelings. The world we live in has beauty in every aspect; the hymning of the bees, the river running by, the sunsets, everything is aesthetically pleasing, and such objects radiate out positive vibes that provide us with inner peace. Anything, be it a person, an idea, or even as small as your favorite candy, which can provide you with happiness, can be termed as divine and aesthetic. The word aesthetic has different meanings based on the field it is used. In the philosophical aspect, it stands for the notion of beautiful and ugly, while in the scientific field, it is responsible for governing the ideas associated with beauty, style, expressions, taste, actions, grace, behaviors, and is also used in the study of emotions and practicality. While referring to beauty, what is meant is the inner beauty, how one feels inside gets reflected in their eyes. It is much more an emotional feeling than physical. In an individual, the aesthetic sensibility is much more commendable than any of the political and religious ones. Often we associate the term aesthetic with art. Art is nothing much more than imposing a pattern mixed with experience, enjoyment, and inner love, and aesthetic pleasure helps in the recognition of such a piece of art. For a piece of art, it has to be vital and rich, the persons having a rich taste in the art will see its aesthetic side, while the ones having a strong ethical side will get hit by its moral lesson. The aesthetic is something to be felt, admired from within, and once you start feeling aesthetical, you’ll get the taste of ambrosia.

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