28 BasketBall Quotes(Status image)

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Basketball is one of the most admired sports of all time, having the audience from age 8 years to age 80 years. It is a game involving two teams trying to score points against each other by throwing a ball into a ten feet high hoop while maintaining the game rules. It can be played both indoor as well as in an outdoor stadium. The size of the court, the size of the basketball, and the duration of the play depend on the age and the skills of the players. A variety of shooting, dribbling, rebounding, passing, defense, is involved within the game. Basketball has several positive impacts on our bodies as well as in our minds. It is an excellent way to burn excess calories and attain a noteworthy physique and also helps in building up of muscles. Basketball helps in improving the overall muscular coordination of our body, and improve the overall body balance. It also helps in increasing the overall endurance of our body, thereby improving the stamina levels, and also helps in improving the attention/concentration power of an individual. Basketball nurtures valuable traits within an individual like hard work and the never-ending thirst for success, and the urge to be the best. Since it is a team game, it also helps in improving several social skills like better interaction and coordination with other, nurturing values like team spirit and unity. Playing basketball can help an individual to cope up with negativities like stress, anxiety, and depression. It is much more than a game; it is an emotion, a storehouse of fun and entertainment. So forget all worries and get hold of a basketball and get busy playing.

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