27 Beach Quotes(Status images)

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The rolling waves on the soft sand and the setting sun are the perfect combination for the peace of the mind. A trip to the beach can never get old. A trip away from all the worries of life, and getting drenched under the sun, with the scent of sunscreen and a book in hand. When you are at the beach, time doesn’t move the usual way, hour to hour, but it moves from mood to mood. The beautiful harmony of the rolling waves is a treat to the ears, and the waves getting the touch of orange from the setting sun, is a pleasant treat to the eyes. There’s something about the waves, no matter how many times its pushed away from the shore, it comes back and places that gentle kiss of endless emotions on the shoreline. The cool ocean breeze is enough to put away all the negativities of life and enter into a tranquil state of mind. A trip to the beach is undoubtedly the best anti-depressant one can avail. If you are having a rough time, a trip down the beach is all it takes to make you jolly all over again — sitting by the shore with your feet slightly touching the gentle waters, cool breeze placing a touch of love on your shoulders, the perfect balance of life. With the sky above, golden sand beneath, and peace within, the ideal way to end your day.


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