73 Cleanliness Quotes(Status images)

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The first step of earning respect from someone is by maintaining a cleanliness drive. Cleanliness is essential in achieving a healthy state of mind and the body. If we all pay proper attention to this cleanliness drive, then we will soon transform the entire community into a healthy one. This acts as a breeding ground for positive thoughts and ideas. Cleanliness is a state of mind, aiming towards clarity, purity, and precision. The primary purpose of cleaning does not just have a mess-free environment; it’s also about having a peace of mind which will radiate out happiness and positive vibes in all directions. A person who loves cleanliness reflects a classic emblem of the mind, someone with a strong character. Cleanliness is not just instincts, and you cannot force someone to be clean. It is like a hobby, you need to educate yourself and embrace it, and this, in turn, will embrace your entire way of living. Cleanliness is a significant factor that differentiates between two people, one with a fake personality and the other having a genuine one. Apart from the moral and ethical attributes associated with cleanliness, it has several other importance in the health regime as well. Diseases like cholera, dengue, jaundice, typhoid, etc., are all caused due to contaminated food. Open disposal of trash can acts as a breeding ground for such diseases. In practical life, we need to have proper sanitation much more than high-rise shopping malls and entertainment parks. The step towards a healthy society starts with a cleanliness drive. Clean Drive-Clean Life.

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