28 Robert Downey JR Quotes (Status images)

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“You’re in a relationship with me. Everything will never be okay.”

When Tony Stark (a.k.a Iron man) uses these words to soothe Pepper, he could very well be speaking about the man portraying the character of Iron Man himself, Robert Downey JR.

For Robert Downey JR, life has been like riding a big ferry’s wheel, one moment on the top of the world enjoying the serene view out front and just within the blink of an eye again back on the ground, to begin with, scratch. But more than anything else, the sheer amount of zeal that this man has outcasted over his eventful career is salute worthy.

When his father, the senior, was at the prime of his career, Robert Downey JR found himself engulfed within the wraps of what may be called “bad company”. He admits that he had become a drug addict at a very young age and was blinded by the stardom that he received, for he was a star-kid. Later his role in the movie, Chaplin, created a buzz in the Hollywood fraternity that a star was in the process of making. But these fanatic cries died down soon after the series of unfortunate events that unfurled in the later years. He was confronted with drug addiction and was administered into a rehab center. His life and career took a heavy toll.

People thought his fate was sealed. But with the hard work done by Mel Gibson and the movie, The Singing Detective, Robert Downey JR found his way back into show business. Treading softly one step at a time, he rebuilt himself until on came the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and with it came the chance of starring as Iron Man. One thing leads to another, and soon he found himself in the shoes of the all-time famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey JR has never turned back since then.

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