70 Rupi Kaur/Milk And Honey Quotes (Status images)

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Rupi Kaur is among the first writers who have created their artwork in the insta poetry genre, which has grown fast and vast owing to several social media platforms. Instapoetries are short crisp and to the point and thus appeals a lot to the young generation of today who have a lot to do and so little time at hand. Rupi Kaur gained international acclaim through her debut novel, Milk and honey. It is a collection of poems that are about love, violence, abuse, and feminism. It had remained on The New York Times Best Seller List for almost 2 years.
Milk and honey quotes that are enlisted below cover all major themes that are present in the book. The book, milk, and honey is essentially subdivided into 4 chapters. It begins with the first chapter ‘the hurting’, that shows the trials and tribulations that the author had to face in her family. Then comes the next chapter, ‘the loving’, which is more inclined towards the positive aspects of a relationship. It is followed by the next chapter ‘the breaking’ wherein the author takes us back to the dark phases of life. And the book concludes with the last chapter ‘the healing’, which talks about contentment.
You can find these quotes down below, which you generally look for as milk and honey book quotes Tumblr. The book is so enthralling that even today, almost 5 years after its release, readers keep searching for milk and honey by Rupi Kaur quotes.

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