100 Sacrifice Quotes (Status image)

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It is often said that in life, it is not the destination that matters, but rather the journey that counts. And in this journey, we all have come across moments when we have witnessed sacrifice in some form or the other. There are times when we are at the receiving end of it while at others, it is vice versa.
The majority of the time, sacrifice is made for those who lay within close quarters of our hearts. We love them, care for them, and hence there comes a time when it becomes persistent to make a sacrifice for the sake of that relationship. Most of us have a backhand when it comes to expressing emotions through words. This is such an important and essential feeling that people need to accept it and absorb it properly. It is to fulfill this very need that people look for sacrifice quotes.
Sacrifice is of myriad types and thus requires different forms of expression. You need not worry about that because we have covered all of this and many more down below. Sacrifice is always made for the sake of our relationships with our loved ones, and hence you must take a glance at these sacrifice quotes relationships. If the sacrifice is connected to personnel of the armed services, we have got sacrifice quotes military. Or if it is about the sacrifice that a person has to make from time to time for the welfare of his family, we have sacrificed for family quotes. Even bible preaches about the tender love and sacrifice, and so down below, you will find sacrifice quotes bible. Ultimately all the sacrifices are made out of love, and hence it becomes apparent that we have covered love is sacrifice quotes as well.

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