100 Selfishness Quotes (Status image)

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Life in its fullest is a mix up all things good and bad. When we have got plenty of good things such as love and kindness, there are equal proportions of evil kinds of stuff as well. One such impure and malice emotion is- being selfish. It is basically just the opposite of kindness but becomes a lot more harmful than any other ill-feeling. That is because people very often do not realize that they are selfish. One can check themselves and restrain themselves from doing an evil task if they are aware of the fact that what they are doing is morally wrong. But what would you do if the other person does not even realize that his acts are wrong? People feel they are just blunt and that it is no big a deal if they say no to somebody else in need or if they prioritize themselves more.
Selfishness tends to start a ripple effect, and hence one thing leads to another, and within no time, you find yourself alone and desolate, disconnected from everyone else. People will isolate you. Therefore, you can see why it is important to use quotes about selfishness. Through these quotes for selfishness, you can make the other person realize his mistake without actually offending him.
Quotes on selfishness will, in a very artistic way, convey your emotions in words. It has become an everyday tale that people encounter selfish feelings in love, and hence we have got for you some amazing quotes on selfishness in love down below. Pick out the best one out of all these selfishness quotes as per your situation and need of the hour.

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