70 Short Love Quotes (Status image)

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It is well said that unlucky is the man who has never experienced love in his life, and unluckier still is the one who does not know how to reciprocate it back. Countless books and artworks have been created since time unknown on love and everything that love entails. Even big think tanks and scholars have failed to put their thoughts into words when it comes to love.
Unable to express love is one of the biggest challenges that people today face. Tales of love end even before they have begun properly just because of this reason. Love is innocent; it is tender; it does not need big fancy words and complicated, twisted lines. Just a few short words said at the right time will work it out for you. Its small and simple words in a proper combination that is sufficient to hit the right chords of the heart.
To help you figure it out, we have got a long line of short love quotes prepared for you. Love is one feeling that is unbiased; it is gender-neutral. The spark of love can ignite in the hearts of men and women alike. So per se, if you are a girl and are looking for short love quotes for him or if you want to convey the importance of his presence in your life and are looking for short love quotes about him, you will find it all down here. Similarly, if you are a guy and are in search of short love quotes for her, we have got lines for you too. Pick out the one that you connect to the most, and let Love thrive this season.

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