53 Star Wars Quotes (Status image)

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It has been 40 years since the inception of the Star Wars series, but the names Darth Vader, Lia, Yoda, Luke, etc. are still etched into the memories of millions of people. The Star Wars franchise has received acclamation from the young and old generations alike. The series is spread over 12 movies, each equally thrilling. The series, with its plotlines, characterization, costumes, and background foreplay has been people’s favorite for decades now.
The cinematography of this series is also often praised for the way the entire plot unveils. The portrayal of capturing Princess Leia by the Imperial Forces, as ordered by Darth Vader, is very beautifully framed. He uses everything within his power to curb the protest against the Galactic Empire. The anti-villain group, on the other hand, comprised of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, R2-D2 and C-3PO try their level best to bring back freedom and justice and maintain law and order back in the Galaxy. Such an iconic series is bound to have many famous dialogues and quotes.
So, here in this article, we have compiled some of the all-time hit Star Wars quotes for you. The entire storyline is so dexterously framed that it touches all the major emotions such as love, hatred, struggle, etc. Similarly, there are quotes given down below that engulfs all major fields of emotions. For instance, there are star wars quotes about love, star wars quote inspirational, or even star wars quotes about the dark side given down below. The characters of this franchise have become immortal in themselves. People are die-hard fans of Yoda and often look for Yoda from Star Wars quotes. Read the quotes given below, and you will find yourself lurking through the magical fields of Star Wars once again.

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