72 Thankful quotes (Status image)

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“An Attitude of Gratitude,” that is what separates a gentleman from a rogue. Very often, people devalue having a sense of appreciation towards another human being. Being thankful is essential, and equally essential, it is to express it out. Help need not be something gigantic or life-changing; it can be something as small as getting a lift from a fellow driver when your vehicle breaks down. This feeling of appreciation has always been underdeveloped in our society. Most people, even today, feel lost when it comes to conveying their regards.
It is for this very purpose that down below in this article, we have compiled a collection of thankful quotes. One can use any of these thankful for quotes on an everyday basis. There are literally so many things to be grateful for. We almost always receive help in some form or the other when in need. Hence, we have tried to cover a wide spectrum here and have put in quotes accordingly. For instance, we have included thankful quotes for god, for what happens in life is in some way or the other wish of god himself. Then there are thankful for friends quotes, for our friends assist us a lot in leading a tension free life, so on and so forth. These thankful quotes about friends will assist you in expressing your feeling of gratitude towards your friends.
There should not be any hesitation when it comes to saying thank you. These are two simple tiny words, but they have proven to be very effective. Since it is these simple and small things that enwrap the essence of life. Read these thankfulness quotes and then select the one that best expresses your feelings.

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