78 Tim O’Brien Quotes (Status images)

It is almost sure that if you have heard of Tim O’Brien, then there must be a special corner in your heart for that platoon of American soldiers who fought on the ground in the Vietnam War. The short stories about this platoon are well depicted in Tim O’Brien’s most famous book, The Things They Carried. Critically acclaimed and author of numerous books, Tim O’Brien is a well-known figure among the elite literary class. Have been a military man himself, Tim O’Brien’s stories mainly revolve around war and postwar scenarios. His works ignite feelings of love, sacrifice, and patriotism in the minds of his readers. ‘Going After Cacciato,’ ‘If I die in a combat zone, box me up and ship me home’ and ‘In the lake of woods’ are some of his other prominent works.
Tim O’Brien’s work hits you on a whole new level. He will take you on an emotional ride through those years of the 1970s when there was utter chaos. Quotes by Tim O’Brien are often searched over the internet. Many orators take references from Tim O’Brien quotes while preparing their piece. You can find his quotes on almost all the emotions that he has covered in his books as a writer. There are Tim O’Brien quotes about war, Tim O’Brien quotes about love, etc. Given below are some of Tim O’Brien’s famous quotes. Read them, and you will feel the same emotional high that many others have experienced who have read quotes from Tim O’Brien.

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