60 True Love Quotes(Status images)

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Each one of us wants to find true love at some point in our lives. It is something to be cherished. The concept of true love is not a bed of roses. It is not that true love doesn’t need any effort to be maintained. People conceptualize true love as a state of bliss where everything is so perfect and according to their whims and fancies. No fights, no tears, no grief, and everything happy and sweet. It is assumed that true love never sees the couple bored in the relationship. But these ideas don’t match the real world. Difficulties still approach our lives. But when our beloved stands by us during our crises, dealing with problems become a lot easier. We find happiness and reasons to feel lucky in little things throughout our bland daily lives. Love is all about a bit of smile, a helping hand, a reassurance to be with each other no matter what. We tend to build relationships and try to find ourselves a person to love us unconditionally. In that process, we face rejections, heartbreaks, and so much more of grief. But these are all stairs to the perfect and final relationship that lasts forever in the form of marriage, the relationship which sees us leaving the world with a lot of love in our hearts. No wonder almost all of the people existing have trust issues because even the one who seems the most loving may leave at the most crucial times. Everyone, also, is afraid to get hit emotionally too many times. That is the reason they are always in search of the ultimate person who will never ever leave. Ridiculously, the Google search on symptoms which imply true love and a permanent relationship. Therefore, we have compiled a collection of quotes that reveals the original form of true love. You will get an idea of how true love is meant to be. Happy reading!

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