22 Wolves Quotes(Status images)

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When we talk about the animal kingdom, we focus mainly on the lion being the king of the jungle, a tiger being a worthy opponent of the throne for the king, the elephants being mighty, and so on. But what we overlook while focusing on the animal kingdom is the one who’s the real silent killer, the mighty wolf. The wolves have a cool mindset, and they can act calm and soothing, and in no time, they’ll hunt their prey down. The Wolves are often termed as mightiest because of their fighting spirits. They can hunt down prey and even predators who are larger and stronger than them. The success behind this is their great teamwork. A wolf pack operates as a family where everyone has a particular role. The pack is led by the oldest and the weakest of the wolves, followed by the strongest ones who are responsible for protecting the pack from a front attack. Following the strongest are the remaining wolves, the females and the young ones, then followed by another queue of strongest members. The last one is the alpha male who controls everything. If the wolves perform within their parameters, then the whole pack succeeds, and when that fails, the entire pack fails. The wolves possess great endurance, are deeply intuitive, and always concerned about protecting their pack, no matter how much they’re being harassed and hunted by other animals. They’re undoubtedly the symbolism of trust, loyalty, guardianship, and instinct. The wolves teach us that to survive in a world of constant threat from your predators, you cannot rely solely on strength but also need to have an intuitive mind and a great sense of teamwork. Be like a wolf, caring, wild, and hungry.

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