50 Yoda Quotes (Status images)

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In this world, there are two kinds of people- one who is a Star Wars fan and the other group having no Idea about Star Wars. For the Star Wars fans, whenever they hear the word master, the first name that pops up into their mind instantly is Master Yoda. Master Yoda was a legendary Jedi who had a very powerful bond with force. He trained Jedi over 800 years and is well known for being the symbolism of wisdom and power. Throughout the entire Star Wars series, he has made a separate fan base owing to his dialogues, which are a mix of wisdom and philosophy life. He talked about fear, which, according to him, is the pathway to the darker side, which leads to anger, hate, and suffering. He mentioned that the person taking the short path of training would be engulfed by the evil, and it’ll dominate that person till eternity. He urged his Jedi to pass on whatever knowledge they have gained in their lives and showed the path of belief, which is the ultimate key to success. For him, knowledge is like the light which will guide us through whatever darkness that may come in our life. He said that the power of an individual does not depend on their size but on their connection with the Force. Yoda always talked about being honest, no matter how difficult situations are. Undoubtedly, Master Yoda is one of the prime attractions for which Star Wars series became a successful hit.

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